Whats New In Finders Keepers This Month

Whats New In Finders Keepers This Month

Just a few new pieces added to the online and in store offering at Finders Keepers. 

Since its inception, I have always wanted to sell fun and interesting things that you simply just can't get anywhere else. it started with pins and patches and it has progressed into such weird and wonderful prints, jewellery, candles and heaps more. Since moving to the bigger premises its allowed me to really get creative with what I sell and stock here. Ive always wanted the place to be a little weird, and almost' in jokey' - as in the people that get it, get it, and those who don't, don't.  

As a constant creative, its so fun to be able to stock things that I can tell people have poured their heart and soul into. 


Some of the items featured here are:

Micheal Scott Altar Candle by Bobby K

If I wasn't on mood stabilisers keychain by The Shop Of Things 

Feral Pearl Necklace By Peach Fuzz

I'm overwhelmed necklace by Peach Fuzz 

Patchwork Leather Jacket By Finders Keepers 

Reebok Fleece By Finders Keepers

Cargo Utility Skirt by Finders Keepers 


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